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What is GPS-based positioning system (Global Positioning System)? Show answer

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based global positioning system developed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defence and with the help of this system we can determine our position at any point of the Earth at any time with an accuracy of approximately 5-10 m. Appropriate signal transmitting conditions, which are the best in the open air, are needed for positioning. The receiving quality becomes poorer in confined spaces, between high buildings or due to natural obstacles and it can make positioning impossible in some cases. Due to poor GPS signals the accuracy of km calculations may be also reduced. Close answer

How can I meet my toll payment obligation? Show answer

The toll must be paid in advance before starting the journey (prepaid system). Toll declaration can be settled by a prepaid relational ticket or by OBU onboard unit. (with the help of a Declaration Operator), as well as using i-Fleet fleet management system. Close answer

What does Plug& Play operation mean? Show answer

The instrument requires no installation, it must be solely connected to the cigar lighter socket and it is ready to function. Consequently, there is neither waiting time originating from installation nor special installation cost. The purchase price includes the 24-month data communication fee. Please take into consideration that before commencing the use of the instrument your are obligated to register it on the www.hu-go.hu website operated by SMMC as well as to ensure a positive Toll prepaid balance sufficient for toll payment while using toll sections. Close answer

What is the role of the registration code found inside the packaging? Show answer

Before starting to use the first toll section you need it during the registration on www.hu-go.hu website operated by SMMC. The 12-digit code starting with 907 and the related 6-digit PIN code should be kept after the registration, since you will need them during the subsequent balance replenishments respectively top-up purchases and data updates. Close answer

Where and how do I have to place the OBU device? Show answer

OBU S550 and OBU S900 devices must be placed on dashboard of the vehicle in such a manner that their upper side ( in case of S550 its is indicated by the vignette too) should have a clear view to the sky..In case of OBU S550, the blue led lights steadily thus indicating the appropriate satellite connection. In case of OBU S900 unit the appropriate satellite connection is indicated by the COM: OK message appearing on the display. If possible, the device should not be exposed to extreme temperatures respectively to large temperature fluctuations. Close answer

How does the device inform me about my balance state? Show answer

Authentic information can be obtained from customer service or through user interface of Internet UD system, under own login menu point. In case of OBU S550 device the green led provides informative information on your UD balance as follows: Led is steadily on OBU: Your UD balance is ok, no action is required Led lights up for a short time: Your UD balance is low, take steps to top up your balance Led flashes steadily: Your UD balance has gone below the critical limit. Your road usage is unauthorized. Stop using the road while considering the relating traffic rules. Take steps to top up your balance! Close answer

What shall I do if the number of axles is changed? / Trailer connection or disconnection Show answer

In case of OBU S550 device it can be performed on your own interface registrated on the www.hu-go.hu website operated by SMMC , first you have to choose the vehicle concerned then to edit it. In case of OBU S900 device, after pushing the button labelled with truck, the requested vehicle category ( J2 two axles, J3 three axles, J4 in case of four or more axles ) can be choosen by using the up-and down arrow, thereafter by clicking on the OK button or after 3 seconds the requested change can be approved. The act on toll payment takes the number of axles fitted to the vehicle as basis, regardless of whether they are drawn up or are in a lowered, rolling state. (roll-up axle: bogie) Close answer

Can I use one single unit in more vehicles? Show answer

Yes, provided that you change the registration, that is you register the device to the actual vehicle through www.hu-go.hu website when changing the vehicle. Close answer

What happens upon expiration of the 2-year period free from monthly fee ? Show answer

At the end of the 2-year period, the onboard unit must be replenished with a one-time data transmission fee, thereafter the unit will operate for another 2 years. Close answer

What to do in case of licence plate replacement? Show answer

The registration of the unit must be changed on the www.hu-go.hu website. Close answer

What to do if I cross the border? Show answer

If you have an OBU S550 unit,you have to pull out the connector from cigar lighter ( further operating from battery is no problem till it goes flat), respectively in case of OBU S900 Premium and OBU S900 devices which have no accumulator you have to switch off the device with the help of the POWER button. Besides, it is proposed to store the unit in a sheltered place in all cases. The minimal stand-by time of the accumulator is 1 hour in case of S550 device while S900 Premium device has a minimal stand-by time of 2 hours (in the last period of accumulator’s service life it can reduce ) If you have i-Fleet fleet management system, you don’t have to do anything. Close answer

Can I use the unit for toll declaration, payment in other countries? Show answer

Currently not. However, the unit S900 is likely to be able to carry out this function in the future, since the unit can be adapted for this purpose, it meets the technological requirements of European Union and directives of European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). Close answer

What shall I do if the power supply of the mobile device is interrupted for a short time (e.g. the connection slides out from cigar lighter)? Show answer

It does not cause operating trouble, since the accumulator provides electronic supply for such cases. The OBU S550 device warns by flash signals while the OBU S900 gives both visual and audible alarm. In case of OBU S550 device the red led gives information about power sipply as follows:: Light is continuously on: accumulator is fully charged,power supply is OK, no action is required, flashing steadily? accumulator is being charged, no action is required Light is off : no power supply, check the power cable, the power supply of cigar lighter In case of OBU S900 device messages appearing on the display respectively acoustic sounds give information about power supply as follows: charging led is flashing: the accumulator is being charged or is fully charged, no action is required an acoustic sound can be heard respectively the charging led goes out ? it is not being charged, make sure that the device is charging warning led gives red light signal, respectively ? the charger must be connected? message is to be seen on the display the accumulator is running low : no power supply, check the power cable respectively the electronical supply of cigar lighter. Close answer

I must transport/ or I must get my vehicle equipped with OBU/ my OBU transported, what shall I do? Show answer

It is the transport vehicle that must pay the toll in case of transporting a vehicle. If you have an OBU S550 unit, you have to ensure that data are not collected and forwarded by the unit. It can be achieved by deleting the registration. Close answer

I have sold the vehicle, I don’t need OBU anymore, can I sell the unit? Show answer

Yes, you are entitled to sell it, since it is your property. Make sure that you have deleted your own registration respectively the new owner has to register itself through the www.hu-go.hu website operated by the State Motorway Management Company Ltd. Close answer

I’ve mixed OBU devices found at our company, I can not decide to which licence plate numbers, vehicles they belong? Show answer

Provide the S/N number of the device starting with 111 (which can be found on the vignette of the device) as well as its 12-digit registration code starting with 907 to staff members of i-Cell Ltd.(www.icell.hu), who will put the device and the registration code together. Close answer

What do OBU signals mean? Show answer

Before using the OBU device please study the meaning of LEDs and Sounds of the equipment. It helps you monitor toll payment readiness and to avoid fines . See detailed explanation at : http://icell.hu/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/OBU-EN.pdf Close answer

How can I control/check the operation of OBU? Show answer

Following the successful registration, balance replenishment and after you have placed the unit in vehicle in compliance with terms prescribed in user manual, while LEDS are operating properly, you can check OBU operation – using your licence plate number at www.obu.ifleet.hu Here you can get information on OBU proper operation respectively on your balance status. Close answer

What is to be done in case of a possible OBU device failure? Show answer

After detecting the failure, you have to buy a relational ticket at the first opportunity in order to meet your payment obligation. Thereupon, if the failure occurred within three working day reckoned from the date of purchase, you have to return the device to the place of purchase where it will be replaced under the appropriate conditons. Should the failure occur later than the third working day, the defective devices are repaired, replaced through the service network. Please call us on +36 1 510 0548 We speak 9 languages. Close answer

What shall I do if the registration card is lost (reg.number, PIN code)? Show answer

i-Cell Ltd. can ensure you the lost data, on basis of the S/N device number starting with 111 and the invoice proving the purchase. Please call us on +36 1 510 0548 Close answer

What shall I do if the OBU is destroyed? Show answer

You have to buy a relational ticket in order to ensure the right for using the road or you have to buy an other unit and register it on the www.hu-go.hu website operated by the State Motorway Management Company Ltd. Close answer

What shall I do if the OBU is lost or stolen? Show answer

You must terminate the registration through the website respectively you must buy a relational ticket for further road use, or buy an other device and register it on the ww.hu-go.hu website operated by SMMC Ltd. Close answer

What shall I do if www.hu-go.hu website does not accept the registration number respectively the PIN code? Show answer

Please contact the customer service whether there is a technical failure hindering the registration? If this is not the case, then you are entitled to replace the unit within three working days reckoned from the purchase at place of purchase, after three working days at any of our service points. Close answer

Warranty Show answer

The warranty period is two years for devices distributed by i-Cell or its dealers, in case of failure. (The warranty does not cover the accumulator). In case of a failure occurred within three working days reckoned from purchase, the device will be replaced on site of purchase. Requirements for enforcing the warranty claim: Proper use,safety sticker shall be intact invoice and warranty card must be presented. Close answer