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Choose the reliability! OBU S550

You can use our extra services for checking toll payment with OBU S550 device for free

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Toll payment for trucks

GPS-based toll payment solution - the best solution since 2013


Toll payment for buses

From April 1, 2024, it is mandatory to pay a toll based on usage with OBU


If you choose OBU,
the OBU S550 device of i-Cell is the real SOLUTION for you!

Several millions of the device are distributed worldwide and they are used with the greatest satisfaction. 

As the audited toll declaration operator of NÚSZ ( National Toll Payment Services Plc), i-Cell provides services of high quality for the safe use of more than 35.000 sold OBU toll payment devices.
Since 1998 i-Cell Kft. has been the most innovative Hungarian-owned company in the telematics branch. We have developed the Hu-Go electronic toll payment system based on our own concept. The system has been recognised by the European Union as the most innovative solution.

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Free functions, maximum protection against fines

At www.obu.ifleet.hu online page  you can check the operation of your OBU vehicle tracking device, where

  • the information is available around the clock in more languages (Hu/En/De/Sk/Ro/Bg/Srb), via PC and mobile phone as well

  • you can easily check anytime and from anywhere if your OBU device is suitable for toll declaration and the account balance is sufficient

  • you can set the required number of axles without having to log in to the HU-GO website.

  • you can check the time of the last purchased route ticket

  • you can query the actual position of your vehicle, via your PC or by mobile phone. If you have more vehicles, you can quickly overview the toll payment status of the whole fleet and the routes of each vehicle.

In the price of OBU S550 are included:

  • accumulator and cable
  • costs for the SIM card for a period of 2 years
  • preventive control services against fines, free of charge
  • free delivery in Hungary
  • use of the online checking page
  • suitable also for vehicle tracking

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The installation requires no expertise, ready to use

It must be connected to the cigar lighter socket and placed on the dashboard; after the online registration on the website of NÚSZ Zrt.  and after topping up your account, the device is ready to use.
We help you pay in a secure way through OBU Led and acoustic signals:  Instructions for use.


Instructions for use on Youtube
i-Cell YouTube channel

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